TestimonialsVictoria Marrow - Business Director, The Learning Partnership Trustposted 19 days ago

How did you hear about SCR Tracker? ​

We were first introduced to SCR Tracker when we received the weekly newsletter bulletin from Andrew Hall.​

What initial challenges did you encounter that led to your decision to upgrade to SCR Tracker?

We were using LA templates (Excel) and the Office Managers in each school maintained these for their individual school. We wanted Trust level easy access to the records to increase support for each school and to improve and simply monitoring across the board.

What made our solution stand out against our competitors/other software available? 

To be honest, apart from ensuring value for money, we only looked at SCR Tracker and were assured of the quality of this as it had been recommended by Andrew Hall.

How did you implement/introduce our solution? ​

We had an initial online demonstration and invited key members of trust/school staff including the CEO, Headteachers, Office Managers and Governors with specific responsibility for Safeguarding. Following our decision to go ahead, a virtual training session was provided. I also use the live chat function regularly and get instant helpful responses, the staff are extremely friendly and approachable.

What are the key areas that have either made your life easier or positively impacted the business? ​

At a trust level we have more confidence that the SCRs are continously up to date. Monitoring is now much quicker than it was previously and we can quickly and easily see where there are any gaps.

What features are most appealing to you and why? 

I like the customisable templates so we can tailor them to suit individual needs. We have adapted our template so that 'school ready' also records read policies and training dates - with an alert to let us know when these need updating. The SCR tracker staff were very helpful and patient with me when I was adapting the template to records these things! I have set the alerts to weekly which is a good reminder for me to check if anything needs doing.

Has using our software helped save you time, resources, or money somehow? 

It has saved monitoring time. Money wise the old excel system was free so we do have additional costs but the new system provides confidence, and it has the potential to be so much more than a SCR. 

What success have you experienced overall since using SCR Tracker? ​

At a recent Ofsted Inspection the inspectors were really impressed with the system. Staff confidence in individual schools since using the system has also improved. Using it to monitor training and distribution of policies has also been a huge success and the systems and processes are better.

Is there anything else you would like to add, or any other particular highlight? ​

I would recommend SCR tracker and their after sales support has been superb.

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