Multi-Academy Trusts

Benefit from trust-wide control over...


Enable daily or weekly notifications to ensure that your schools are complying with DfE guidance, and any additional trust-wide checks you set.

Central Team Management

One place to keep your Trust's management team records safe, as well as any teaching staff who operate across several schools.

Customisable Checks

Add any additional custom checks to your single central records, and either enforce across all schools or merely encourage them as best practice.

Data Migration

We've made migrating your existing data easy: either using our bulk importer or by extracting your data from existing systems using integrations.

Custom Branding

Help your single central record managers feel right at home by customising our headers and colours to your own branding.

Search Across Schools

Search through all staff records quickly and easily, switching between school dashboards in an efficient manner. Copy and transfer to minimise workloads.

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Our mission

To ensure each child is properly safeguarded by helping you comply with Department for Education guidelines. Even as they change, we'll help your schools stay compliant. We strive to be the new standard in single central record management, allowing Multi-Academy Trusts to breeze through Ofsted and ISI inspections.

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Customised for your look

Feel right at home with your organisation's customised branding. Add your own logo as well as setting your own dashboard colours and page theme.

Centralised user administration

Add as many users to your organisation as you need to, editing their access permissions as necessary. Create new user groups, such as your HQ or Central Team, with administrator-level access across all of your schools.

Group your schools

As well as adding users to user groups, you can also add schools to their own groups to take permissions to the next level. Create region-specific groups of schools with even more granular access levels.

It's always nice to know you're in good company

See what our trust customers are saying about us

Emma Nunn
Trust Compliance Manager, HEARTS Academy Trust

All of our system users are finding the system easy to use, and we have had lots of positive feedback from staff across the Trust. Whenever we have had a query, the SCR Tracker support team always gets back to us ASAP. I just wish we had moved to this system sooner!

Hannah Leeland
Business Administration Manager, The Aspire Federation

Having spoken with our Head of Schools, they're really happy with how this system is going. We are finding the SCR Tracker system really easy to use since our training with you earlier this year, thank you for your help with that!

Natasha Kirby
Trust Operations Manager, Berkshire Schools Trust

SCR Tracker has helped our trust by giving us the oversight, transparency and uniformity we were looking for with our single central record management. It's great to have the peace of mind that our schools are compliant with DfE regulations and feel reassured to receive any legislative updates as they happen.

Working with SCR Tracker has been an easy and smooth process and the relationship between customer and supplier is two-way and feedback on the platform has led to further improvements which make the platform feel personalised to our Trust and a million miles away from the historic spreadsheet option!

Jennifer Jarvis
Primary Schools HR Officer, Wickersley Partnership Trust

Since we started using SCR Tracker we have noticed so many benefits to having an online central platform for all our Trust’s single central records. Migrating the information over was very straightforward, and having the ability to view compliance information so quickly means that we can be confident that our single central records meet all statutory requirements, without having to check through increasing rows of data! Along with the ability to copy and transfer individual profiles between schools in the trust, bringing in SCR Tracker has helped reduce workloads and increase accuracy and confidence. The support from SCR Tracker has been invaluable. They are quick to respond to queries, giving sound and easy to follow advice, and are open to suggestions to enhance the system further.

What other trusts have asked us

Yes. Our dynamic bulk importer allows business managers to copy spreadsheet data over in one go. It auto saves, which ensures data is never lost. It guides the user through cell formatting errors and how many staff profiles are about to be created, which can be used to cross reference and avoid errors.

As well as the bulk importer, we can also integrate with your existing systems to import staff data.

Yes. All online training sessions are included in your subscription price, and as soon as each academy is set up on the system we'll send through initial how-to videos. If they feel they need extra help or have further questions, our team are on hand to do 15 or 30 minute screen-sharing sessions to ensure that all queries are covered.

We also offer training for staff within your trust or managing body to ensure you're able to use SCR Tracker to its full capacity.

By giving you trust-wide control and oversight, and making you aware of any academy which is not compliant. You'll no longer be reactive, but instead, proactively ready for inspections. With just a few clicks you can download reports for each academy, listing all missing checks and necessary data to be collected.

We have a number of ways to help you stay on top of adhering to statutory guidance:

Automated emails: You can opt in to receiving a breakdown for your academies, either every morning or every Monday, which clearly shows whether they are compliant or not. Simply click on an organisation to see what data is missing.

Insights: Your trust-level Insights tab will show you which academies are not complying with statutory guidance. From there, you can download reports and contact the school to ensure the necessary checks are completed.

Dashboard: Each academy has its own dashboard, visible both to you and their school users, which will show you any profiles not meeting statutory guidance. If necessary, you have the option to investigate each profile with missing data.

Yes. The Department for Education states that multi-academy trusts must "maintain the single central record detailing checks carried out in each academy" within the trust.

They also outline that whilst there is no specific requirement to maintain "an individual record for each academy", the information must be "recorded in such a way that allows for details for each individual academy to be provided separately". (Paragraph 169 of the September 2020 Keeping Children Safe in Education).

SCR Tracker will help you adhere to the DfE safer recruitment regulations.

Yes, we link with management information systems using Groupcall Xporter, allowing you to import staff data from existing systems. Integration allows academies to stay synced with other software packages on a daily basis, ensuring that data isn't duplicated unnecessarily.

We also offer custom integrations with various HR platforms, which you can contact us about here.

Yes. One hundred percent of our schools have passed their Ofsted and Independent Schools Inspectorate inspections after upgrading to SCR Tracker, with many reporting glowing remarks from Inspectors. You will showcase your dedication to maintaining your single central record, ensuring full compliance, and adhering to safeguarding policies.

For multi academy trusts, the SCR Tracker package gives you control and oversight of multiple single central records, helping you manage all centrally and remotely. A member of our team can provide you with an accurate quote for your trust.

On an enterprise-level license agreement, you will be able to work with our team to customise every aspect to your requirements. A bespoke agreement can include enhanced SLAs, custom integrations, API access and more.

Please contact us for a quote here.