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What other schools have asked us

As quickly as you want! Setting you up on the system only takes a matter of minutes. Importing your data is a simple copy and paste exercise, and takes on average about 20 minutes per staff profile type. After your data is in the system, you'll only need to use it when adding a new staff member, or when it alerts you that you've missed out a check! If you're ready to get started, enter your email below and a member of our team will get in touch as soon as possible.

Yes. Our system is designed to easily surface the missing data you need to become DfE-compliant, which replaces having to use Excel's simple spreadsheets in a complex manner. You will have access to the online database to use as your new single central record. If you need to download this for reporting to management, our software exports clear and comprehensive formats.

Yes. We take your data protection very seriously, giving you one thing less to worry about. You can read our GDPR-specific documentation here. Furthermore, security and encryption underpin everything we do. You can read more about our policies here.

Our dynamic bulk importer allows you to copy your Excel spreadsheet's data over in one go. Split into profile types, it has one column per check, which you can match up with and paste your data directly into. It auto saves, so ensures you never lose any key information. When you hit 'Import', it alerts you to any cell formatting errors, and also how many staff profiles you are about to create, which you can use to cross reference and avoid errors.

The system will tell you! The DfE guidance feeds into the backend of our system, and we work consistently with several highly recognised safeguarding consultants to ensure the system continues to be failsafe. You can rest easy knowing that if you need to perform a check for a specific staff member, the system will work that out from the information you give it. In this instance, if you've told the software that the staff member has a management role, they will need a Section 128 check. We also have a full SCR Guide which you can check at here, and our team are fully trained to help you.

Yes – although not as many as you need to for full-time staff members. The SCR Tracker system will help you work out what you need to do. In this instance, the employment business providing your agency workers should provide you with evidence that the checks have been carried out. We also have a full SCR Guide which you can check here, and our team are fully trained to help you.

Yes. All online training sessions are included in your subscription price, and as soon as you're set up on the system we'll send you initial help videos. If you feel that you need extra help or have further questions, our team are on hand to do 15 or 30 minute screensharing sessions with you to ensure that all queries are covered.

Our School Customers

It's always nice to know you're in good company, here's what some of our lovely single school customers think of us

Candace Bertie
HR Manager, JFS School

We’ve now moved over to SCR Tracker completely and it’s been a life changer in terms of capturing information, and having a visual of where we’re positioned in terms of being OFSTED and School Ready.

Caroline Roberts
School Business Manager, St Francis CE School

Just wanted to say how pleased we are with this new system. We are now completely up and running and I feel so much more in control of this than I used to. To say that I am looking forward to an OFSTED Inspection would be an overstatement (!) but I am much more comfortable with showing them our SCR when that happens!

Beth Evans
Cover and Compliance Officer, Mill Ford School

We, in Mill Ford Admin, love SCR Tracker. It is so easy to use and to see what information is needed and would highly recommend it to other schools. It is so much easier to use effectively than the massive, unwieldy spreadsheet we used to have! Thank you for being so helpful and amazing as always.

Mary Macey-Brown
Office/HR Manager, The Corsham School

I have found the tracker to be invaluable to my role here in school. Any issues that I have had have been dealt with efficiently and effectively. Our recent Ofsted inspection went very smoothly. Many thanks to you and the team.

Philippa Ollerhead
NAHT Safeguarding Course Leader

Single Central Record Tracker is an excellent resource to quickly, efficiently and easily track statutory safeguarding checks.

Anna Heath
School Business Manager, Westdale Infant School

We were visited by Ofsted on 27th February. It was easy to pull up the complete record for an individual and show that they were Ofsted and school ready. Our safeguarding was found to be effective by the Inspector.

Claire Salton
School Business Manager, Reepham CE Primary School

It is without hesitation that I would recommend SCR tracker to you. I can say that it comprehensively meets the safeguarding criteria as laid down by the DfE and Ofsted.
Excellent service level, please commend all involved.

Chris Hales
Administrator, Running Deer School

I have found the software to be very effective, it's both easy to edit and problem free. The response time on any question I have had using the live chat has been answered quickly and concisely.

Carolyn Eyre
Safer Recruitment Consortium

Finally, a real alternative to the cumbersome Excel spreadsheet!

Maggie McPherson
CST Compliance Officer, Balsall Common Primary School Academy

SCR Tracker has been invaluable to me, you give me peace of mind with my safer recruitment processes. We needed to customise the system, and after requesting these updates, within hours the amendments were done. We passed the audit with flying colours, with glowing remarks from the Lead. The support and guidance available is excellent and has never let me down.