Your Single Central Record made simple with these great features

Become fully compliant with Department for Education guidelines

100% of our schools have passed their Ofsted and ISI Inspections since they upgraded to using SCR Tracker.

Customisable Dashboard

Add and Rearrange widgets to your own custom Dashboards. Configure each widget to your own needs

Efficiently and easily track statutory safeguarding checks

Keeping an accurate Single Central Record is essential to keeping children safe in education. We offer simple-to-use staff profiles which guide you through each pre-employment check.

Oversight of staff profiles

Access a complete list of past, present and future staff members, alongside whether they are ready for inspection. Simply click through to surface what data you're missing to ensure full compliance.

Excel-style bulk editing

It's easy to bulk edit staff profiles using our grid editor, which will be familiar to Excel users. Our filters, search bar and sort-by headers help you surface exactly what you need to see.

Customise checks according to your organisation

We've built in every statutory check you'll need to do. Our system also allows you to add extra additional checks specific to your organisation.

Gather Insights

Use our Incomplete Profiles feature to surface fields with missing data. Filtering the list by profile type and/or statutory versus non-statutory allows you to print a full report of what checks need to be completed before you are ready for an inspection.

Reporting made easy

Quickly export from a variety of configurable reports straight into Excel for printing or additional filtering.

Export to Microsoft Excel

Most Inspectors are happy to see your Single Central Record on SCR Tracker, but if you still feel you want to export your staff database, a single click will allow you to do just that.

Export to PDF for printing

In case you need to get all the information from a profile into a single document to either download or print, we offer a single one-click export to a PDF document.

Enable school status notifications

Daily or weekly email notifications are a great way to keep reminded of what staff profiles need your attention. A perfect way for Headteachers, or your Governing body, to stay in the loop and help you ensure your organisation stays Inspector-ready.

Multilingual support

To satisfy global demand, we've rolled out SCR Tracker in multiple languages. If you require another language, get in touch. Fun fact: we are present in all continents except just two!

Multiple user support and permissions

Your subscription includes adding an unlimited number of users, and you're in control of what they can access. A popular option is adding users with read-only access who can monitor the dashboard or check identities, without needing to edit user details.

Add your custom checks

Does your school do additional checks that aren't default on SCR Tracker? Add these to any existing profile section. You can even ask the system to display these checks on certain staff profiles, such as Volunteers or Contractors. Keeping track of best practice and school policy practices has never been easier.

Customise profile sections

You can organise your custom checks into new profile sections, as well as customise their look. This way, if only your teaching staff have to perform a certain type of training, you can ensure that this section appears only on their profiles.

Flexible organisation support

Our system registers what checks you need to do based on what type of organisation you belong to, all based on legislation laid out by the Department for Education. Furthermore, using the early years childcare toggle will enable additional statutory checks.

Searchable audit trail

Our software logs each user action, allowing you to search through your history. Particularly helpful if you need to contact the staff member involved in checking identities, for example.

Smooth data import process

Our easy-to-use bulk importer allows you to quickly copy and paste your spreadsheet columns directly into our profile format. The auto-save functionality ensures you never lose your data, and can come back to it when you're ready. Our team are on hand to guide you through this process if necessary.

Import existing data from MIS / HR systems

Does your data exist in MIS or HR systems rather than on a spreadsheet? We offer the use of Groupcall's Xporter or Wonde as well as bespoke integrations via products such as Talend.

Global Timezone Support

Our system is fully aware of where you are located in the world. If you're managing global sites, it will take that into account

Profile History and Versioning

Every change made is recorded, so you can look back to see when, what and by which user the change was made